The ground floor 'street kitchen' is always busy ...try the 'dhokra' topped with tamarind and coconut

Roti Chai, very close to Selfridges on Oxford Street, has received a lot of attention from the day it opened for their version of Indian Street Food and for the road-style cafe interior. I’ve had many a nice lunch here with my partner and I certainly have my favourites…

The ground floor cafe serves tapas-like portions of ‘Indian Street Food’ and there are several dishes you will want to try..pani puri – consisting of round, hollow puri that have been fried crisp and then filled with a tamarind flavoured water and chutney, bhel puri, chilli paneer, tarka dhal, samosas, roti breads and much more… will need a few visits to try the lot.

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With a menu that is modelled on India’s urban street-food, you’ll find much to delight and intrigue. Although you can have larger dishes, I recommend sticking with an array of side orders (bhel pooris, samosas, dokhra, and of course, the richly falvoured tarka dahl)

Bhel Puri..puffed rice served fresh, crisp and with a zingy, tamarind sauce..

Indian food has come a long way in London in the last twenty years, and Roti Chai is another example of how the restaurant landscape is changing.

Rot Chai

Roti Chai is relatively new and has a number of dishes that you’ll want to try. The food has been consistently good and  if you can, sit in one of the booths near the window…a great place to sip a cup of chai..


Bhel Puri, Pani-Puri, Papri Chat, Masala Chai, a few dishes to try from this ‘street food’ canteen…