A Japanese influenced canteen with fair prices and a vegetarian offering

We visited Nanashi on a wet and windy evening in Paris. It is situated in the northern part of the Marais and was opened by Kaori Endo (ex-Rose Bakery Chef) a few years ago. Nanashi serves fairly inexpensive bentos and other Japanese specialties and gives them a French accent. This is not a traditional sushi-only Japanese restaurant and caters for those looking for a healthy, asian-fusion style meal. The decor is simple and clean with plenty of space for privacy and good conversation. With a menu that includes a good selection of vegetarian dishes, this is a perfect place to have lunch or pick up a take-away meal.

Both my parnter and I had a vegetarian bento, which included wild rice, bulghur, barley, grilled avocado, smoked mozzarella and nuts, with a salad which included roast vegetables. It was really flavoursome, a satisfying meal with everything working together quite well. We also tried one of their fresh juices, a mixture of apple, ginger and cucumber. It was freshly made and delicious.There were also several vegetarian starters available, and one other veggie main.

We paid €16.00 for the Bento which is a fair price for Paris.

Japanese influenced with a healthy, vegetarian offering

Nanashi, le Parisian Bento is great place to have a healthy meal. Do try the “vegetarian bento” which comes with grilled tofu on a bed of quinoa, garnished with mashed avocado and accompanied by three quite different varieties of salad.

Photos from Nanashi

The presentation is simple and clean and the food is fresh and healthy…a good start

The bento box is at the heart of the operation at Nanashi and Chef Kaori Endo (Rose Bakery) has done it justice. Served with ricotta stuffed zuchini, wild rice, quinoa and a mix of salads, it is a great lunch option.