Miznon specializes in Pitta Sandwiches with side dishes like grilled cauliflower or grilled sweet potato..

When we first walked through the doors of Miznon, we thought again. It was packed, full of diners and those hoping for a meal.  With the rain pelting down outside, we gave it a go and I certainly am glad we did. The baked cauliflower wrap was quite special and being able to sit at the counter overlooking the bustle of the kitchen suited me just fine.

A warm and bustling atmosphere
Enjoying mint tea, grilled cauliflower in pitta and a side of roast potato

With several good options for vegetarians (green beans, braised cauliflower, asparagus and sweet potato) and pitta sandwiches served with cauliflower, tahini and garlic, cooked and made freshly in front of you, what more could you want for lunch?

Photos from Miznon

The food is fresh and original, the staff friendly and helpful, the space bustling with trade and dynamic….a great place to have lunch…