Along with the wheat grain, the potato plays a very prominent role in Ukrainian cooking. Since my youth, I am in love with one of our traditional potato based dishes called deruny. Originally it’s not an Ukrainian, but a Belorussian dish (who borrowed it in their own turn from traditional German cooking). In East European countries, this dish has many names, but almost all of them refer to the state of potato (just before actually cooking). Deruny, dranyky or tertuhy means “mashed”. This dish has a lot of recipes, but I am going to share with you my family’s one.



These are the ingredients for a dish called ‘Deruny’. You will recognize this dish under the name potato pancake. This is a super traditional dish in East Europe countries.


  • 4 large potatoes
  • 1 Onion
  • 3 eggs (don’t worry you can cook this without eggs – it’s just my preference)
  • salt, oil and flour.

The reason you need to pick a large potato is that you need to mash it. So I am using this grater for this. And large ones are easier to use with a grater.


Some people prefer to use the side with small holes (for shredding), some people just use a blender – but better to have a potato grated as much as possible (that’s my experience).


Once you almost finish the potato – throw it away… the smaller the piece that you have, the greater the chance that you will hurt your fingers. Be careful.

This is the saddest part. I am always crying here.




When the potato and onion have been grated.. we can continue with extra ingredients.


You will need 1 table spoon of salt , 4 table spoons of flour and a 3-4 teaspoons of oil.




Salt required for the potato to add taste, oil to avoid using oil during a frying and flour for binding the potato.

That’s why I also traditionally use eggs.


Don’t worry… it’s a traditional recipe, Maria (my lovely wife) and 1 also made a non-eggs potato mass to test it.

Unfortunately I forgot to film the main part – frying.


As you can see, it is slight heavy with oil. But you don’t need to use anymore – because we already mixed a bit of it with the potato mass.


This is how a non-egg deruny looks.


And this is what deruny looks like with eggs. I don’t taste much difference myself.

Here in Barcelona we use a Greek Yogurt for dipping.  In Eastern Europe we use Smetana (a range of sour creams).