Taste Trail emerged gradually as an idea around a North London dining table, in the course of many meals spread over time, and many conversations. Ours is a hybrid group if ever there was one. We differ in age, ethnic origins, places of birth and places of residence. We are, quite literally, continents apart. Our culinary accents are different too. Some of us think more about herbs, others more about spices and others more about fruits and nuts. Our culinary legacies vary greatly, because we come from different places and different cultures.

Food, we have discovered, though, especially food of a particular sort, the kind that is fresh, delicious, nutritionally rich, predominantly vegetarian, inventively combined, distinct in texture, forged with care and clean in content, matters to us all. Many factors have shaped the course of our conversations and our dishes. From what is freshest in the store to simply what lies available in the fridge or dry cupboard, food opens up an arena in which to experiment, discover and share. Our dishes are conceived and produced, too, from what stirs in the palate’s memory or what is sparked in the imagination by the encounter with a new or unfamiliar ingredient.Abouts-Us-2

And this is what we bring to one another: ideas for new combinations, principles of nutritional value and sustainability in food, the delight of new flavours and the discovery that the road of recipes is endless and multi-directional. Of course, as a team, we do not always agree. We engage in culinary critique and culinary questioning — very important tools, we believe, for culinary travel. Because Taste Trail is, above all, about travel through what we cook and eat. It is about expanding our gastronomic and sensory awareness to planetary dimensions, from engaging across landscapes, cultures and languages so as to explore tastes and combinations, to travelling in time between tradition and innovation, to drawing taste lines across diverse geographies of foods and cultures, and to mapping and remapping the limits of what is possible in that vital relationship between our bodies and the world around us through food.

Taste Trail invites committed food explorers to join us on our journeys of culinary wonder. We hope you enjoy the ways in which ingredients, flavours, traditions, memories and inventions combine in the recipes that follow. Please take our recipes, trial them and reinvent them as you wish.